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The sun is setting on the old shaman, Muju. Spirits of the Juju Realm are always struggling to destroy balance in Muju's world. It's the charge of all shamans to keep everything in harmony. As his days come to a close, Muju's making one last pilgrimage around the world.

Muju Juju is a 2D strategy survival game that combines epic RTS battles with tower defense tactics, all wrapped into a colorful, fun visual aesthetic. The gameplay is simple in nature, requiring only a few buttons, but you'll learn that the strategic depth grows the more you play.


Developer Info

Muju Juju is developed by a three-person, almost-funny team consisting of two programmers and a half-artist working out of their virtual garage. Fresh out of college, the three friends enjoy setting impossible deadlines that compel coffee-infused all-nighters, bribing artist friends with pizza for game art, learning from their mistakes, and watching a player's face tense up in concentration as they play Muju Juju.




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