Prepare Your Space Bar

Summon an army and explore the world in this 2D strategy survival game.

Summon an Army

Protect your shrine with a variety of unique minions, each with their own special abilities and upgrades. Discover more as you play the campaign.

Explore the World

Travel on a pilgrimage through everything from lush forests to frigid mountain ranges, encountering new enemies in each area.

Collect Runes

As you travel on your journey you will collect magical runes, which can be given to your minions to imbue them with the power of juju.

Unlock Upgrades

Each minion features a unique upgrade tree and can be played in different ways to suit your playstyle. Devise the ultimate strategy to protect your shrine.

Fight in Style

Collect robes and hats to customize your Muju. Crush your opponents in a Santa hat for ultimate humiliation.

Pwn Noobs

Compete with the world's best shamans around the globe for a spot on the online leaderboards in survival mode.

Muju needs you-ju!